Best WordPress Hosting
(2018 List)

No gimmicks.. No scams, here it is..

If you're building a hobby website, starter site, or don't expect much traffic to your WordPress site, you can start by using a shared hosting account with GoDaddyiPage, or NameCheap for your WordPress website.  The downside to these cheaper WordPress web hosts is that it will take longer for your website to load, your site will “timeout” once in a while, you may not be able to use resource heavy WordPress plugins and it will be easier for hackers to hack your WordPress site potentially causing you to lose everything.. trust us, we know this from experience.

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If you have a website you want to really stand out, rank better in search engines, have premium security against hackers, and load fast then we suggest you spend a few more dollars every month on a service like SiteGround or Bluehost to give yourself and your visitors a great experience.  

We've broke down the best WordPress hosting list below into two categories.  The first list is for high quality WordPress hosting and the second list is for starter or hobby sites.  We've included links to their promotion and coupon pages so you can get the best deals they have available.  

Best WordPress Web Hosting For Business

These are our top 3 recommendations for WordPress hosting companies.  This is the hosting you want if you are building any type of business websites, affiliate promotion website, WordPress e-commerce site or sales pages.  These hosting plans are not that much more expensive yet offer so much more in terms of speed, security, reliability, up-time and ease of use. 

We use SiteGround for all our WordPress websites now (including this one).  Since changing over to them we have never had any websites hacked, no issues with down-time and website speed is amazing.  Also comes with free SSL even on shared plans.  They offer huge discounts for your first year or more of hosting.  Check here for the most recent promotions.

Bluehost has been around since before 2000 and isn't going anywhere. They've had years to perfect their hosting for WordPress and now offer a premium solution that includes great speed, cPanel with easy WordPress installation and more. Sometimes they offer plans up to 50% off. Check here for the latest promotions.

We used HostGator a lot before switching to SiteGround.  We had a few WordPress websites hacked and they didn't offer SSL free at that time.  Now they do offer SSL free and a dedicated WordPress hosting plan.  From our experience, HostGator support is not a knowledgeable as SiteGrounds, but they are easy to get a hold of.  HostGator offers promotions up to 70% off at times.  Check here for the latest deals.

Alternative Options For WordPress Hosting

If you want something a little more affordable you can try the options below.  These services will work well if you're not expecting to get a lot of traffic or if you're just starting out and don't want to spend the extra money on better hosting.  We started off using these services years ago but quickly found that they don't offer many of the features we needed such as better security, heavy resource loads, and fast website load time.  

A word of advice.. having a website that loads fast prevents high bounce-rates which increases your rankings in search engines.  This is a huge reason to choose one of the 3 options above.


One of the most well known web hosting companies is GoDaddy.  We've used them numerous times in the past and quickly found out why the are cheaper.  They have a unique dashboard that can be confusing to find your way around and learn how to do things but for a starter website, they work well.  You can normally find a plan that's very cheap starting at just $1.00/month plus a free domain.  You can find their latest promotions on this page.


iPage is another good option for starting out.  Plans start as low as $1.99/month and their dashboard is easier to use than GoDaddy's.  Still offers all the features you need to get started with WordPress and getting your website online.  They normally have a promotion going on which can be found here.


We used to have hundreds of startup sites hosted on NameCheap.  As our sites grew we had to upgrade.  NameCheap has very reasonable prices for both hosting and domain names.  Prices usually start around $2.88/month but they occasionally have coupons and discounts which can be found on their coupon page here.